Alan Warner-Grieve

Hi, I'm Alan

I build things and I break things.

I'm a 33-year-old human with 10+ years experience in software development and testing, based in London, UK.

I'm a Web Developer

I build things to let people do things.

I've built responsive websites, worked with CMS platforms, and coded new features for live business environments. I've worked with Product teams to design feature layouts, and implemented mobile-first site-wide redesigns.

I'm an Automation Engineer

I build automated tools to make testing more efficient and reliable.

I've built Selenium test suites from scratch, and extended existing suites with new functionality and new testcases. I've written SQL scripts for use in back-end testing, and developed other ad-hoc tools as/when situations required.

I'm a Software Tester

I make sure the code you've written does the right thing.

I've tested web apps, mobile apps, databases and video games. I've written test scripts, defined BDD testcases, and logged countless bug reports as either the sole QA or as part of a larger QA team.

I'm open to interesting opportunities

I like challenge and variety in my work.

If you have something you think I might find interesting, please get in touch.

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